There is only one type of membership in Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary, Active Membership. Membership is personal, rather than being derived from a person’s business or organisation.

Rotary is non-denominational and non-political and encompasses a diverse membership base, including a range of ages, professionals, experiences, religions, races, cultures and networks. In particular, clubs are composed of adult members who exhibit good character, integrity and leadership and good business, professional and/or community reputation.

When you join Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary, you also join a worldwide Rotary family, who are united in fellowship to provide humanitarian service, to encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and to create goodwill and achieve peace throughout the world.

Membership in Rotary is an honour and privilege that comes with obligations. Rotary is a service organisation, in which its members are united through ‘Service above Self’ to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise. The community will come to know and judge Rotary based on its members’ actions and ideals. 

  • Attend international events, e.g. International Convention
  • Develop a network of business professionals
  • Develop and enhance personal and professional skills
  • Develop confidence
  • Form lifelong friendships
  • Fulfill ‘community service’ requirements of your workplace
  • Make positive changes in people’s lives
  • Mentorship
  • Opportunities to learn, share, collaborate and work on projects with people all over the world
  • Participate and run projects that will have a local, national and/or international component and/or national and/or global impact
  • Participate in a diverse range of social events and join fellowship groups
  • Partner with other organisations
  • Role model of high ethical standards in your workplace and profession
  • Visit clubs with your Passport anywhere in the world* and give your time as service where appropriate. (click here for the Rotary Club locator)

Costs of Investing in Service

If you decide to join the Rotary Club of Sunshine Coast Passport – provisional, it’s simple. The first step is to complete the online application form for consideration by our Board. Once approved, membership fees will become payable.

Membership Fees
ActiveActive -1
Active -2
& others
Annual Fee$366$260$322
payable in instalments:
1st month$80$40$80
then monthly$26$20$22
Joining Fee$80$50*$80
Service Hours
Membership Fees are for year ending 30 June 2021
  • Active 1 – Rotaractor Students : Rotaractors & Past Rotaractors (aged 18 to 30) in full time education
  • Joining fee* reduced to $50 for the first five Rotaractors to join in any one year, otherwise $80
  • Active 2 – Rotaractors & Others Non-Students : Rotaractors & others in employment under age 30
  • Concessional fees cease upon turning 30
  • All membership fees are subject to annual review by the club’s Board

Expectation of members

In return the club’s expectation is for you to:

  • Attend the meetings and events of this club when able
  • Attend at least one club meeting a year – we do expect to meet twice monthly with an emphasis on discussion of service opportunities, flexibility and social ‘fellowship’, online, or at a time and place convenient to the majority of members
  • For members under the age of 30 – Volunteer for at least twenty (20) hours of service a year
  • For members 30 and over – Volunteer for at least thirty (30) hours of service a year